Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, my name is Nicole. I wanted to share a little bit of what we are doing in Miami to stay safe and sane during this time. Like many of you, Arianna and I, we own a planning design and floral company specializing in luxury events named Plan Desing Events.  We are a small business that is a part of a colossal industry that does not get enough recognition.  We are memory makers who deliver happy moments.

And just like that, our world was turned upside down by this virus.

After a  month of being quarantined with our families, we decided we had to start moving and creating again by staying positive while helping others stay positive as well. How started: I have two incredible girls (7 and 11) that kept asking how mother's day would be this year? Kids have these astonishing ability to make you aware of things that sometimes you don't want to think of, especially now that we are homeschooling, cooking a million times a day, cleaning, so the last thing I wanted was to be reminded or celebrated for that day...All I really wanted was the impossible dream of going to a spa in airplane mode...(I know all you mothers can relate)...And just like that, like magic, my planner, creative, passionate, and overbooking soul CAME TO LIFE AGAIN!!!  I called Arianna, and we decided to do a mother's day campaign (two weeks before the significant holiday because, of course, we are SUPER WOMANS).  And our new baby, an online flower shop Bloom Plan Design was born. The intention was to deliver flower bouquets for mother's day but with a twist. We created a collection of five different bouquets to choose from with a beautiful message from the client to the recipient in a handwritten calligraphy note. The idea was great and excited for us! We always wanted our clients and more people to have something beautiful made by us in their homes, and this was the perfect timing to make it happen. On the other hand, something in our heart was telling us to make it even more meaningful, and why not?

Arianna's grandmother is in a nursing home, and she told Ari, that most of her friends never get visitors or calls, so it was clear we wanted to bring some love to those grandmothers, we founded heart moving to make them feel special. And that's how our idea materialized! We wanted to sell flowers on Mother's day, start an online flower shop, give back to the community, provide the opportunity for our employees to generate much-needed income, and partner with our friends from the industry! 

Each bouquet purchased it would include a donation of a floral arrangement with a note (from the bouquet buyer) that we delivered to these grandmothers. Because we also wanted to help others in the industry, we teamed up with Nuage Designs, who were kind enough to match our flowers donations and added one of their face masks to each one of the orders, so the grandmother's caretakers could be safe. 

I wish we would have done this before and in massive numbers ...I can not describe how happy these old ladies were to receive a present and feel loved.  Such a small gesture that goes such a long way.  Kindness is free, and it's healthy, and it is contagious.  I am sure that we can make it spread as fast as this crazy virus if we all come together. The most important thing about all this madness we have being is that it has changed us! And I hope it is for the better after this is over we will never be the same, we will be AMAZING!

As they say, "many grains of sand build a dessert." Let our industry create this dessert of kindness.


Nicole and Arianna 

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